Zodiac signs in fashion: who is the most trendsetter of all?

Some more, some less, are aware that stars guide our lives at birth. So why not think that the date of the zodiac will also play a role in our fashion and clothing choices?

This guide will analyze the particularities of the twelve signs, starting from the least interested in the world of fashion to the most trendsetter increasingly attentive to new trends. LET’S START 😃

You would have all the credentials to be the most beautiful zodiac sign, but … Your being too demanding is what prevents you from moving forward.
Virgo is the most practical earth sign on earth and in some ways she loves even the cheapest ones. Therefore, people born in Virgo can be reluctant to spend money, especially when there is no economic opportunity. This is particularly true for clothing, not seen as a basic necessity (as opposed to other signs ….)
Therefore, due to the very mild Mercury influence, the taste for novelty usually remains only in the background. You virgins surely know every new trend, fashions and current novelties, but you are hardly passionate about them – unless it is really “WOW”. Admit it that you prefer to buy safe and durable clothing, preferably from well-known brands, rather than the latest product sported by any trendsetter … ..

Virgo in fashion
• Karl Lagerfeld (1933-2019)
• Stella McCartney (September 13, 1971)

How much do you like to be noticed by others and to impose your ideas. Sometimes a little too much.
Aries is a sign that carries with it the energy of fire and that of Mars. But tell me the truth, how much do you love to wear sporty and comfortable clothing ?! Starting with these assumptions, we can say that the first sign of the zodiac does not like to follow trends. Why? Because you love to create them for yourself and maybe then also for others….
Aries is born at the beginning of the spring season, and therefore is called the cardinal sign. Cardinals have a tendency to “start” and you are the beginning par excellence (being also the first sign of the zodiac).
Quality is also very important. You are not interested in buying famous brands, but sympathize only for quality products, perhaps even not known ones.
Another thing I love is that you will never judge anyone by the way they dress. Appearance is of little importance to you.

Aries in fashion
• Lady Gaga makes her own costumes and clothes that she wears in the video.
• Martin Margiela (Leuven, 9 April 1957)
• Guccio Gucci (Florence, March 26, 1881), the founder of the Florentine fashion house named after him (Gucci), belongs to the sign of Aries.

A natural charm that overlooks some details. Scorpio is a sign born in the fall under the guidance of Mars. It is very deep and pays more attention to substance than to light things. Perhaps this is a sign of why “fashion problems” are of little interest to you. However, you are also a perfect romantic seducer.
Therefore, clothes can often be used as a social tool to attract attention, which, as is well known, can somehow promote possible achievements. Scorpio people know that, unfortunately, not everyone has their own sense of depth, so it is good to pay attention to the proverb “the dress makes the monk”.
Because of your extraordinary wisdom, you know well that appearances can be deceiving and that without appearance you risk being misjudged …
In fact, Scorpio often feeds a rebellious spirit and is not interested in form, but when he finds it useful he can show himself flawlessly. Also, your rebellious nature may push you to find a unique style.

Scorpions in fashion
• Calvin Klein (New York, November 19, 1942).
• Stefano Gabbana (Milan, November 14, 1962) of Dolce & Gabbana.
• Roberto Cavalli (Florence, November 15, 1940).

You don’t like seasonal changes and focus a little too much on the practicality of any garment, be it a bag, trousers or shoe.
Libra is a constellation ruled by the beautiful Venus. However, being a cardinal sign for this reason, people born as Libra are quite unlikely to follow the trend.
Aren’t you the first to buy that Bridgeton-style corset, which no one would ever wear, but it is in good taste, and then everyone buys on time and you are almost forced to forget it in the closet? In fact, Libra, man or woman, is always original and knows how to stand out. You certainly do not need the fashion of the moment, to which however you pay a minimum of attention from time to time to always be informed. Conversely of Aries, when Venus completely dominates the sign, the native of Libra becomes even critical of those who are poorly dressed. HELP 🙂
Another characteristic of the Libra sign is that it is equinoctial (that is, the moment of balance in the sky). Astrology is based on the light radiated by the Sun: with the arrival of the sun in the sign of Libra, the hours of light during the day become the same as those of darkness during the night.
For this reason, those born under this sign have the natural tendency to balance and harmony even in the field of fashion and clothing in general.

Libra in fashion
• Jason Wu September 27, 1982
• Donna Karan 2 October 1948
• Yohji Yamamoto 3 October 1943
• Sergio Rossi 4 October 1935
• Ralph Lauren October 14, 1939

If you go “hunting”, save those who can’t. LOL. It is for this reason that you are sometimes exaggerated and overly aggressive-looking.
Leo is a fixed sign of fire, ruled by the Sun, considered the king of the zodiac, and how could it not feel so even in fashion?
Unfortunately not all Lions have an unlimited budget, this zodiac sign is the one that really deserves to be equipped with a Black, that is the famous credit card with which it is possible to have the full availability of large sums of “vile” money.
One thing I’ve noticed is that you Leonesses are that you have the ability to make anything super cool.
It is precisely the sign of Leo that has the greatest stylists and entrepreneurs. No one else in the zodiac has that many.

Lion in fashion
• Yves Saint Laurent (Oran, 1 August 1936).
• Louis Vuitton (Lavans ‑ sur ‑ Valouse, August 4, 1821).
• Laura Biagiotti (Rome, 4 August 1943).
• Domenico Dolce (Palermo, 13 August 1958) of Dolce & Gabbana.
• Gianfranco Ferré (Legnano, 15 August 1944).
• Coco Chanel (Saumur, August 19, 1883).

Never too flashy, you are much more inclined to casual looks.
Aquarius is a sign of air and, like all members of this element, is a lover of novelty.
Aquarius is also a fixed sign, because it is born in the middle of the season. How much do you love expensive things? Symbolically, Aquarius can be depicted with a vase, but the vase will never fill, as if it were bottomless. LOL.
In a rapidly changing world like fashion, if you fixate on something, you can spend and spread without ever feeling satisfied.
However, Aquarius is also a free spirit and ranks well beyond fashion. Indeed, you will probably not follow them at all, but you will anticipate them with great skill ..
You have a personality of great character, and you certainly have little interest in the judgments of others, therefore, especially if you are a male aquarius “SORRY I DONT CARE ABOUT FASHION”.

Aquarius in fashion
• Christian Dior and Luciano Soprani, both of January 21, Aquarius cusps Capricorn
• Ottavio Missoni (Ragusff 11 February 1921)

Your refinement and simplicity always makes you look flawless even with little and without having to overdo it. How is it said? The world is VARIOUS in the sign of Sagittarius.
Indeed, this type of moving sign belonging to the fire element presents a completely different situation, so it is difficult to find a constant in the way of dressing or the type of clothing you like.
Most of the members of this constellation, under the guidance of Jupiter, the star representing philosophy, knowledge and thirst for knowledge may have little interest in fashion and clothing. Especially for men. You Sagittarius are usually athletic and this characteristic can also be reflected in the way you dress. But then we have the distinct and elegant version, which changes all “the rules of the game”.
You Sagittarius women when you shop are a bit too fickle: you are assaulted by a shopping frenzy for a period of time, which alternates with the period of total disinterest.

Trendy Sagittarius
Outstanding designers are born with this as a symbol. One of them, Gianni Versace, while providing new fabrics and technologies, but also with luxury garments, has completely changed the entire world of high fashion.

You women have a beautiful calm nature, you always know how to grasp the romantic side of things. But never go without overdoing it. Cancer is the sign that is most linked to traditions being guided by the Moon, a star that indicates memory and remembrance. Cancer clothing is therefore very often traditional.
However, people born this way, especially you men, may not think that clothes are particularly important and tend to save. However, when it comes to important moments, Cancer has a taste for the best in the zodiac.
I am 100% sure that you Cancer women when you walk into a clothing store, you are able to find the most expensive clothes immediately.
Cancer, despite being a sign linked to tradition, is also a cardinal sign, that is, a sign that is born at the beginning of a season (summer).
Being born at the beginning of the season gives Cancer, inspired by the lunar fantasy, a good capacity for innovation, which however, as mentioned, will very often remain more or less linked to tradition.
The poet Giacomo Leopardi (obviously Cancer) wrote: Fashion is the sister of death, because both are short-lived daughters. LOOOOL X2

Cancer in fashion
• Giorgio Armani is an eternally memorable designer, he was born in Piacenza in July 1934. He is one of the most famous inventors in the world, but he always maintains tradition and excellence.
• Another Cancer who creates fashion is Jean ‑ René Lacoste (Paris, 2 July 1904).

Your excessive confidence makes you different, you always know which are the most current trends to twist and reinvent them. In this way you express your strong personality.
Capricorn is an earth sign led by Saturn.
Saturn is a star that is associated with power and time and not wasting time.
Capricorn is also a cardinal sign, that is of the beginning of the season, which, however enterprising, remains linked to the earthly world through the earth element and has traditional and conventional characters.
Regardless of the day, you Capricorns, on every date that matters, you will be perfectly ordered, admit it. At the same time, I am sure you will be very careful if your interlocutor does not do the same.
A popular saying has it that a person can be judged by the shoes he is wearing.

Capricorn in fashion
Shoes made Cesare Paciotti (1 January 1958) famous all over the world as a stylist and entrepreneur.
The elegance of this sign can also be found in the beautiful model Carla Bruni.

You are very good at choosing to do the right thing by combining femininity and practicality. It is the best sign in terms of combination combinations.
The sign of Gemini is led by Mercury, which is the closest star to the sun, that is, it is the greatest beneficiary of the solar luminosity which represents sociability. Mercury in Greek mythology is the messenger of the gods, so it has a symbolic meaning for news, gossip and novelty.
If we take into account that Gemini is a sign of spring and a moving sign that leads to summer, we can conclude that many Gemini are the fan nr. 1 of shopping. In fact, nothing more than fashion and shopping can be a refuge, to combat monotony and to make life in society more cheerful and colorful. However, the typical Gemini is not to be considered a fashionista or a fanatic. It is also difficult – if not almost impossible – to find an unkempt or poorly dressed Gemini. This being the so-called double sign, double accessories are often welcome: admit that your greatest passion is shoes!

Fashionable cufflinks
• Nicola Trussardi (Bergamo, June 17, 1942) is an Italian designer and entrepreneur.
• Sonia Rykiel May 25, 1930
• Salvatore Ferragamo 5 June 1898

With your sensitivity you make every outfit never flashy, but for this reason you pay great attention to the small details that can only be noticed by an expert eye.
People born in the sign of Pisces belong to the water element which is associated with the world of feelings. For this reason, people born under the sign of Pisces are often considered romantic dreamers.
Pisces, however, is a sign dominated by the planet Jupiter, a star that symbolizes the kings of Olympus and which, in addition to a philosophical dimension, however “watered down” by the presence of Neptune, also in domicile in Pisces, manifests itself, even in the field of fashion , its material side.
Pisces is also a mobile sign, that is, of the end of the season, which is therefore between one season and another. In this case, moreover, Pisces is at the end of the zodiac and therefore symbolizes the conclusion of the entire cycle, containing all the other signs.
It is, in fact, what could be the most complex and sophisticated sign of the zodiac. For this reason, in fact, it is very often said that those born in the sign of Pisces are indecipherable, or in any case difficult to understand and in some cases commit real “follies”. JUST ADMIT IT!
For example, the romantic Pisces who just got excited about a wildflower might decide to spend a fortune to buy the latest pair of MANOLO BLAHNIK shoes.

Pisces in fashion
• Lee Alexander McQueen (1969-2010)
• Hubert de Givenchy February 20, 1927
• Kenzo Takada February 27, 1939
• Franco Moschino February 27, 1950

You girls of this zodiac are PHENOMENAL, you always find the right compromise between elegance and leisure. However, this can be the reason why you are always a little too obsessed with fashion (sometimes risking becoming real fanatics).
Taurus is an earth sign and for this reason we say that it is a practical sign, but his planet is Venus, a star that represents beauty par excellence. Earth also means five senses and, combined with Venus, in fashion and clothing it can indicate love for beauty.
If anyone guesses the brand of perfume you’re wearing, it’s probably Taurus. Indeed, perfume can be the Taurus’ secret weapon to conquer and / or be conquered.
Like the previous constellation of Aries, Taurus also likes comfortable clothes and durable fabrics. You’re also the best in business, so ask yourself where to buy quality clothes at unbeatable prices.
In dressing, however, he is always sober and maintains a good level of elegance, preferring a classic style.
The Taurus woman also prefers a sober but never monotonous style. Regardless of her way of dressing, Taurus remains an intense and magnetic sign:
Anything worn will never go unnoticed!

Bull in fashion
• Jean ‑ Paul Gaultier (Jean ‑ Paul Gaultier) was born on April 24 in Arcueil, France
• Chiara Ferragni is an Italian entrepreneur, fashion blogger and designer born on 7 May 1987

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