October Abiby Beauty Box

Skincare is my favorite moment of the day.

Thanks to @abiby.it I’m testing the new @skinregimenofficial products and I’ll tell you something… I fell in love with it!
They are formulated to combat city pollution, they are perfect for removing make-up, cleansing and moisturizing.

If you want to try this service, use the code CARLOTTASENO-08126 to get 10 euro discount on your next purchase!!

Today I am talking about the products contained in the @ abiby.it beauty box of the month of October with the theme “Time is now“!

💜 Skin Regimen Cleansing Cream: this foaming cleansing cream is really special and interesting! It is 90% of natural ingredients, delicate surfactants and a longevity complex to remove makeup, SPF, dust and smoke from the skin and protect it from the effects of pollution. It should be applied after moistening the face, massaged and then removed with plenty of water. The skin is soft and smooth, but, in my case, also a little dehydrated. The smell is a very strong of aromatic herbs thought to invigorate and relax body and mind, and this drives me crazy

💜 Tripeptide cream by Skin Regimen: it is a day face cream with 96% natural ingredients enriched with palmitoyl tripeptide-5, dandelion extract and longevity complex to protect the skin from pollution and maintain hydration and tone throughout the day. The texture is very light and refreshing, it absorbs quickly and, on me, it performs well even under makeup. Here too, the fragrance is very strong and aromatic and is not among my favorites. But the product itself is very valid and applied after its facial cleanser it gives its best!

💜 City spray solution by Guudcure: this spray is designed to protect body and hair from all types of groin. Thanks to zeolite it helps the skin to breathe and to stay fresh and toned. I confirm that it absorbs quickly, that it does not stain and that it has a very pleasant fresh and delicate fragrance. Since I received it I have always kept it with me in my bag!

💜 Lip perfecting balm gloss by Studio10makeup: this is a balm, gloss and 3 in 1 treatment. It is odorless and contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and amino acids to leave the lips soft, visibly fuller, brighter and with a touch of pink / peach color with golden reflections. I love it!

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