NOVEMBER abiby beauty box

As usual @ never fails, the products inside the box in November are AMAZING.

Abiby is a platform that allows all of us to get to know and try high quality cosmetics for only € 19.90 instead of paying them over € 100! Let me explain how… Every month, Abiby selects products and packs them in a themed box. Each month the theme is different 🙂

Each box has a commercial value of over € 100 as I have already told you, but you will pay it only € 29.90! In addition, I have a 10€ discount which I want to share with you!
At the time of purchase, just enter the coupon code CARLOTTASENO-08126. Basically, go and pay for something that would cost € 100 for only € 19.90! My girls, seeing is believing! In the meantime, I can’t wait for the next Box of December to arrive.

The new @ Beauty Box is entitled “Beauty they Matters” in collab with @vestiaireco an online platform on which it is possible to buy luxury second hand clothing at affordable prices. The two brands share a sustainable approach ABIBY with its focus on cruelty free VC products opposing fast fashion and promoting a more ecological approach. In the box there is also a discount voucher that can be spent on the VC website until the end of December! Here is the list of products in the box which has a total value of € 156.

The first product that is also the spoiler of the month is the probiotic radiant serum by @doctorsformulauk, a radiant serum that stimulates the natural brightness of the skin, improves its hydration and balances the natural defenses of the same, to make it fuller and more relaxed. All this thanks to the probiotics at the base of the formula, which encourage the skin to produce the good bacterial flora to allow itself to regenerate easily.Full size30ml commercial value € 106.

Second product that we find is the magic stardust face mask created by @zagocosmetic in collaboration with @, a new launch that you can find on both the abiby and zago websites for a value of € 30. Happy in pink is the mask of happiness with hemp oil, vitamin C and tea extract.This mask is composed of a 45ml activator liquid and 30gr magic powder, by combining the two you get a creamy and homogeneous compound that must be applied on the face and held in place until it thickens so you can easily remove it. The result is a luminous, relaxed and toned skin.

Last product is a 3 in 1 nail polish, the breathable treatment and @orly color. Nourishment, hydration and color in one product, all this is @orlybreathable. This nail polish responds to the need for beautiful, healthy and colored nails thanks to advanced oxygen technology, which allows the oxygen contained in the water and the moisturizing substances to penetrate the nail always maintaining the right level of hydration so that it can grow healthy and strong. To the beneficial action of oxygen is added that of the formula based on argan oil, pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin C which together strengthen and nourish the nail, slowing down and aging and stimulating its growth. Full size18ml commercial value of 20 €.

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