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There are two things a woman can never stop wishing for: shoes and bags. You never have enough, do you?

“Do you know when you meet a handsome boy who smiles at you, and your heart melts like a knob of butter on hot toast? I feel this way when I see a shop a bag… It’s just better! “

This is a famous quote taken from the film “I Love Shopping” in which the protagonist Rebecca Bloomwood is a career journalist with an unstoppable passion: shopping. Well, I would say the same for a bag. FOR SURE 😍

Today I would like to show you two pieces of this brand of bags totally Made in Italy.

Tilde & Flor was born in Florence in 2019 from an idea by Arianna Cappellini. The company selects and recycles wallpaper, transforming it into bags. Each piece is unique. It is designed, assembled and sewn by hand. This is the thing that struck me most! Personally having something unrepeatable makes me crazy 😜

Tilde & Flor selects and recycles wallpaper from companies and fashion events, transforming it into authentic masterpieces. Each bag is a small work of art, the result of ingenuity and great manual skill. In Tilde & Flor bags, no detail is ever left to chance. Each bag is made with vinyl wallpaper, a very water-resistant material. They dry quickly and do not undergo damage, creases and deformations.

I choose to show you 2 different model types: one more ” summerish” and one more for winter.

First, Shoulder bags are a real must-have accessory! Versatile, practical and always trendy, these bags are truly every woman’s best friend! But saying shoulder bags opens up a real world of models, colors and prints to choose from!
This classic and timeless elegance model is nothing but a small shoulder strap with metal chain, perfect for any occasion and in any season! If you love a sober and monochromatic clothing, colored bags are for you! A note of liveliness is always good, and a small shoulder bag in a bright shade will immediately make your outfit more glamour!

As a small advice, I would like to tell you not to be intimidated by too extravagant bags, and treat yourself to a little originality!

And so, what about this handmade bag with bamboo handles? Perfect for spring coming! The quality is really good, as are the finishes. Very compact, I liked it so much for the capacity despite being medium in size. Inside there is a side pocket with zip. Furthermore the color combination is fantastic.

So, what do you think? Do you prefer more everyday bags or small and elegant ones for the evening? Let me know everything in the comments below 👇🏻😘

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