My Nove25

Have you ever heard about the Italian jewellery brand Nove25?

This Milanese brand was born from the desire to create unique objects. Fashion, at its origins, was not something standardized. On the contrary, clothes, hats and jewelery were tailor-made to perfectly reflect the personality and desires of those who wore them. The founder’s starting idea was to create something that was new and at the same time unique, allowing everyone to personalize their own style. Something that was able to give shape to memories and ideas, just like tattoos. The choice to succeed in doing this could only fall on the jewels, the accessory par excellence!

Each collection is updated on modern trends. Between rings, necklaces and bracelets there is plenty of choice. Everyone can recognize themselves in a different collection: there are those with more rock colors or those suitable for more formal occasions. Furthermore, every single jewel can be ‘customized’, thus becoming a truly unique object, able to fully reflect the soul and creativity of the owner!

Needless to say, from the name of the brand you can guess the material used for every jewel. The protagonist of the creations is silver 925. To this are added other materials, such as stones, titanium alloys, but also precious metals, such as gold.

The collection I decided to show you is the Etnochic, with my favorite pieces. I really like the exotic references, and even if the mood is predominantly for summer I would be willing to wear them even now. And what about you?

Instead in the “Animali” collection, my favorite item is the necklace Serpente Uroboro, made of 925 sterling silver with a rose gold finish. The necklace is inspired by a very ancient symbol that represents a snake or a dragon that bites its tail, forming a circle without beginning or end. This widespread symbolic figure represents, in an animalistic form, the image of the circle that personifies the eternal return. The Uroboro represents the circle, the expressive metaphor of a cyclical reproduction, such as death and rebirth, the end of the world and creation, and consequently also the eternity iconographically represented by the circle itself. The concept of reborn I really feel it, even on myself, so this is the reason why I love it A LOT!

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