Lilac is all you need!

Which color was the protagonist of the last fashion week? Get ready because in the coming months, the lilac color will bloom by dyeing our wardrobes with delicate lilac strokes, from clothes to accessories, from head to toe.

The new collections are teeming with lilac clothes: this soft shade of purple colors the short and long dresses for the summer, but also the suits, sporty sweatshirts and jeans.
We already see with great ease how this color is already widely reflected both in the street style and between the shelves (now unfortunately only virtual) of the main low cost chains.

Why do I love it? I think it is more versatile than it may seem: not only does it go perfectly with impalpable fabrics and slipped lines for the most romantic and bon ton looks, but it also proves to have character and its “why” when it comes to more combinations casual.

Little curiosity about its meaning. Extremely relaxing to the eye, lilac boasts very ancient origins: legend has it that among the lilac flowers – from which the color takes its name – the fairies lived and that these could protect from evil.
Born from a perfect blend of red and blue, lilac metaphorically symbolizes the union of body and mind. This color represents the serenity and also being “halfway” between pink and blue, is one of the most beloved genderless colors in fashion (and beyond).

The wisteria color is available in so many shades that it is practically impossible not to find the right one for each of us!

Let’s see together how this color can be worn, from just an accessory to a total look thanks to Zara and Berska. READY, STEADY, GO!!!

  • If you don’t want to be too attached to this color, why not use it in a summer top? Zara presented my favorite model, how much I like this nineties mood, I think it’s perfect for any day, isn’t it?
    A perfect and very romantic combination is the union of lilac with pastel colors. Among the options available, my favorite is definitely the lilac and mint green combination. 
  • Where to find: The Zara top
  • Obviously the elegant trousers and men’s lilac blazers can be dressed together. The total look is an option to consider also for more elegant or formal occasions, such as a ceremony or a cocktail party. I love the vibes this look have on me btw (or maybe it’s because of the color,  idk).

Lilac goes well with many colors but not all, so it is appropriate to make combinations that catch the eye without disturbing excessively. In principle it goes well with all pastel colors, with cream and if you want to dare with oil green and mustard.
You can play with various contrasts even very strong, but it is preferable not to combine bright shades such as red, green and electric blue, which must necessarily be banned from your #ootd!

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