Ready to reinvent a classic? It’s time to find out how to take a classic white shirt and wear it with style, combining it with our must-haves this season.

I think it is a universal and truly versatile garment, to be worn on everything and which, depending on the accessories, can acquire a more sporty or elegant interpretation.

The ways to wear a white shirt are almost endless. If you are looking for inspiration for a glamorous and sophisticated look in which to use this great evergreen, perhaps you can take a look at the suggestions below and find new ideas for your looks.

  • Show your shoulders

Put on your shirt as you normally would, leaving three or four buttons open at the top and button the rest. The buttons must remain open so that they can comfortably uncover their shoulders. First make sure to turn the collar inwards, then lower the shirt by uncovering the shoulders so that it remains tight on the front and does not slide down. Finally, you can roll up the sleeves by deciding whether to leave them like this or hide them inside. This style is super fun and shows you that there is no need for a shirt with bare shoulders when you can make one.

  • Make a knot on the front

In this way, with the front knot, your look will be perfect in a few seconds. It doesn’t matter if the shirt is oversized, in fact, you can wear it in many more ways. You will love this outfit especially if you are looking for the perfect look for the sea. Put on your shirt and button it up to the height of your jeans. Or, if you want to show a little belly, leave a button open again. Now take the two front ends of the shirt and annodale. A nice way to finish it all is to double-knot, then spread a little bit here and there until you are satisfied with the result.

  • In reverse

This is perfect for both an elegant and casual look. Wear the shirt in the right direction and button only the penultimate button from the bottom. Now take it off and put it back on, but this time backwards. With this style you can change your look by choosing whether to fasten all the buttons or leave your back completely uncovered, with only the first button fastened. You will get a simple and minimal look on the front, while with the uncovered back you will not go unnoticed.

– Shulders and sleves bye bye

In this mode, keep the first three buttons undone, tie the sleeves behind your back, and voila, the look is ready. This is perfect for summer and is always super chic! It adapts well to your body especially if you have a waist to emphasize. Wear it with jeans or a high-waisted skirt to make the waist stand out.

  • One sleave on

I think this is one of my favorite ways. Unbutton the first two buttons, wear only one of the two sleeves and stop the unused one at the waist. You will love this style tip especially combined in contrast with men’s trousers and a classic décolleté… It is a WOW!!

  • The classic way

This is the classic style of wearing – it doesn’t mean it’s the least beautiful, on the contrary. With the white shirt and jeans you give the right space to the details and shapes of the moment. And then the elegant white shirt illuminates the complexion, enhances other items of the outfit making them special for the whole combination.

Finally, do not forget the power of a color like white, which can be combined with any fantasy, making it less dramatic and making it immediately more elegant and suitable for any appointment 🙂

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