Fashion bags 2020: 4 must haves to buy now

How does the proverb go? An extra bag is always a good thing: green light to shopping for the never-again-without bag. The 2020 fashion street styles have already shown the 4 main bags which from now on we will not be able to live without.

In the first place we start with my favorite bag, a revisited must have from Dior: the Saddle.

Without a doubt, the Saddle is considered the it bag of the 2000s. What I mean is, however, the reinterpretation of this iconic piece presented during the Mariagrazia Chiuri fall fashion show in 2018.

The accessory is inspired by the shape of a saddle, so it has a strong reference to the world of horse riding.
Did you know that it was created for the first time only in 1999 by one of the most controversial, eclectic and talented designers of all time: John Galliano!

Contending for the podium is the Prada Re – edition 2005.
Easy to say, but once again we find another reinterpretation of an existing model in the archive.

Here we are with another reminiscence of the early 2000s. Dynamic, minimal style on the border between sporty and utility. This crossbody bag, equipped with several “pockets”, catches the eye at a glance for its unmistakable physiognomy: a strap that crosses the body like a “common” shoulder strap, but it is not. Versatility as well as practicality are its strengths. Here too it was love at first sight.

Thanks to the technical material, the price is also extremely accessible, starting from 500 €. Not cheap of course, but definitely more affordable!

Never two without three, this bag is both chic innovative: we are talking about the Multi Pochette Accessories, the “new” creation by Louis Vuitton. The maison has managed, once again, to amaze the fashion system with the reinterpretation of the iconic clutch launched in 1992, giving life to one of the most glamorous it bags of the moment.

Customizable and versatile, the monogram clutch is combined with two detachable elements: a mini Pochette Accessoires and a round coin purse with a zip. Not only that, the green or pink jacquard fabric shoulder strap gives a sporty-chic touch to the bag.

Each look is perfect to be flaunted together with the multi-clutch accessories which boasts an ideal versatility to embellish a sporty outfit or give an even more glamorous touch to a sophisticated and elegant look. Key word? Multitasking.

Finally, Chain Pouch by Bottega Veneta, welcome to our favorite it-bags of the season. Indeed, to be honest, this is definitely the best investment of this 2020 fashion purchases

This bag is already destined to become a timeless accessory. The gold chain is EXTRAORDINARY. Very soft leather, soft and voluminous silhouette like that of a pillow, maxi shoulder strap with square ring chain recognizable at first glance: these are the ingredients of the it bag.

With its shape and its amazing jewel chain it is perfect to interpret any look, day & night: during the day, with wide high-waisted jeans and oversized cotton shirt or suit that winks at the male wardrobe; in the evening, with a flowing dress down to the ground or a satin midi skirt, perhaps with the maison’s woven leather mules on her feet. Definitely a must have!

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