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Emmine interprets a contemporary and feminine style – with some small concessions to extravagance – for special occasions and everyday clothing. Accessories with clean lines but revisited by touches of colour and unusual textures, in the name of affordable luxury.

All materials used to create Emmine’s articles – fabrics, leather, ribbons, seed beads, threads and reinforcements – meet the highest quality standards in their kind and are provided by carefully selected suppliers located mainly in Italy, Spain, France and Japan.
All Emmine accessories are made using high-quality natural fabrics and material (e.g. silk, cotton, wood, felt), often belonging to limited series and sample collections, to guarantee the uniqueness of each product. Here it is the link for the website, just have a look for a peek https://emmine.com 🙂

Anyway yesterday I had fun in shooting the accessories I like most of the whole collection. My attention went first to this necklace, colours are super mesmerising. Still I can’t decide which version is my favourite.

However though the choice of hairband was QUICK, for this look the red nuance was the most noticeable for real!

But the bag is absolutely my fav piece. Even if it’s made of wood, it’s super light and the matching with many different outfits were always more than an A+. Here below some example of what I’m talking about.

And well, now the time of a “ton sur ton” between this hairband and my hair colour has arrived. Just the typical classy thing that I’ve always liked!!

#Emmine, Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/emmineaccessories/ <3

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  1. Settembre 4, 2019 / 6:52 pm

    Inspiring stοrу there. What occurred after?

    Good luck!

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