Something About me

Carlotta Seno, 25 years old, originally from San Donà di Piave (VE). I moved to Milano in 2016 to follow my degree (BSc) in Business Administration. Since I remember it, I have always been attracted to everything related to the world of fashion.

In early June 2019 I created his website as a “creative place” where I have the opportunity to share this passion with my personal point of view with you all.

I’ve always been a perfectionist. I have always lived my life with the desire to achieve all my goals and dreams. It doesn’t matter how big, different or difficult they seem. I only feel fulfilled when I do my best. Since I was a child I have always loved pushing myself beyond any limits. This taught me a lot, in particular it showed me my skills, strengths and weaknesses. My motto derives from this type of mindset: “It is never a defeat, because it is either a victory or a lesson”.