5 things to do at home quarantine

How many times do we complain about the busy life we have and the thousand commitments we have to face? I know already the answer: A LOT. But in these days we are suffering a setback, we find ourselves in difficulty on how to spend time at home. Our forced “withdrawal”, however, can be a positive thing.

Talking about my personal experience, the first days were the weirdest ones. I had the impression I was waisted my time because I was not doing anything of “productive”, anything I was “used to do”, because we had to reset our habit and follow quarantine home rules.

Only few weeks after I realized my daily routine had to change to stay even mentally healthy, so why not suggesting you my same way of facing this incredible situation? Let’s mention you my 6 “saviors” life hacks

During this quarantine, just continuing my “What Have I To Wear Today?” routine really helped me maintain a sense of normality.

A big part of my routine is just getting dressed every day, like I’m going out. This has helped me stay productive and motivated. Overall isn’t it the most important thing to do in this difficult time?

Online Shopping
It is now very convenient, especially because now we can no longer go to shops. Ah, unfortunately we say goodbye to all those beautiful endorphins that we had in circulation after a saleswoman handed us the clothes we had just purchased.
However, obviously, to avoid scams, you need to evaluate carefully and check the reviews of the site from where you buy.

Here is a list of my favorites:

  • YOOX
  • ZARA
  • ASOS

daily workout (or at least 4 times per week)

Gyms are closed, but training can also be done at home. Turn on the music and give free rein to your imagination dancing 🙂

And who says that training at home means doing it yourself? Just follow the live Instagram of the fitness blogger @ silvia.fascians to train in company, also following the advice of one of my fav blogger @veronicaferraro.

Here a link of a website I found very useful (it’s in Italian, but it has videos, so no problem for the translation!) Https://www.runtastic.com/blog/it/4-allenamenti-da-fare -a-home-without-tools /

We could have found a thousand excuses for not reading a book, but now that we have a lot of free time, we can no longer be credible!

I realized 3 things, which I had never fully focused on.

  • Reading adapts to mood. If you are sad and you want to cheer yourself up, if you are cheerful and you want to be even more cheerful (if you are cheerful and you want to get depressed make a local mind, it is likely that you are stupid), there is always the right book for you.
  • When it takes you, it really takes you. I am a big fan of TV series: I do monstrous marathons. Yet I guarantee you that none of these things is remotely comparable to the feeling that a book that takes you gives you. When he catches you, you literally have no escape, other than Breaking Bad.
  • You do not know what you’re missing. In my opinion, it is the only valid slogan. The only thing you can say to those who don’t read. Everything is in it, including the displeasure of not being able to share such a wonderful thing, combined with the sincere pleasure of wanting to share it. Here, I have never felt sorry for you, that you do not know what you are missing!

Start a subscription to a beauty box service: Abiby is the most valid solution.
What is it about? Easy: you subscribe to Abiby and every month you receive a box with surprise beauty products, selected from hundreds of famous brands all over the world.

This concept has always amused me, the trick is obviously to be aware that it is like a game, and that the economic investment is still contained. The well-made and well-thought-out boxes offer their customers products that are truly worth more than the subscription price, and offer curious or trendy products.

I have been collaborating with this company for a year now and I will never stop repeating that all the Abiby beauty boxes have found several interesting products: the brands it offers are of excellent quality, are positioned on high price ranges and are interesting. The price is a bit higher than the average beauty box I’ve seen so far, but the content is worth it! Here the link https://www.abiby.it 🙂

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